Project HOPE (Working Title)

Title Project HOPE (EN), 「プロジェクトHOPE」 (JP)
Genre Action/Adventure
Release Date TBD
Platform Steam, Consoles TBD
Developer A Penguin Studio
Publisher A Penguin Studio
No. of players 1 player

“I woke up in this desolate world, not knowing what do or where to go. Only one way to find out…”

Project HOPE is a post apocalyptic 3D action game, where you explore a world that lacks any kind of life, a distorted reality where everything seems to broke apart.

Recover the four main elements to the world and find the reason of the state of the world in this unforgettable adventure!

First Concept Art of the world
Nana the protagonist and the for Elemental Guardians, concept art.

Please consider Supporting us on Patreon and get an early development blog and a sneak peak at all the development way before anyone else! at

©A Penguin Studio

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