DAIMU: The President’s Daughter

Title DAIMU: The President’s Daughter (EN), 「ダイム!世界の大統領の娘VS.銀河軍」(JP)
Genre Shooter (Twin Stick, Shoot ’em Up)
Beta Release Date 2023
Platform Steam, Consoles TBD, itch.io (Beta Ver.)
Developer A Penguin Studio
Publisher A Penguin Studio
No. of players 1 player

The Great Earth is attacked suddendly by the Galactic Army, lead by the Empress Krona and her Kronies. The heroes of The World can’t defeat this new menace, it seems like the only one that can tackle this is the military otaku expert DAIMU, also known as The World’s President’s Daughter!
In this top down shooter you take the role of three selected heroes to blast everything on their way, with the ability of swap between them at any time, mix and match their abilities to save The Great Earth!

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